Tuesday, March 22, 2011

LoveSac, My Sweet Sadie's set to open at SouthPark

Two new retailers - a modular furniture company and a cupcake boutique - will join the upscale retail scene at SouthPark this year, the mall announced Tuesday.

LoveSac Alternative Furniture Company will open in the late spring at a store near the mall's main entrance. The approximately 1,000-square-foot store will sell a line of high-end beanbag-style furniture, known as Oversized Sacs (although, as noted on the company's website, "It's not a damn beanbag!"), as well as modular, washable, "Sactional" furniture. The store will also carry lighting, rugs and bedding a SouthPark spokesman said in a press release. You can see more at www.lovesac.com.

My Sweet Sadie's will open this fall at The Village at SouthPark, the mixed-use, specialty retail space near Dillard's. The 1,200-square-foot store will sell "Grandma-inspired" desserts (corrected), as well as offering coffee and free access to Wi-Fi. The website,  www.mysweetsadies.com, is still under construction, but check back for more.

And as previously reported, a Vineyard Vines store is also set to open at SouthPark, selling preppy, Martha's Vineyard-inspired clothes and ties.


Anonymous said...

My Sweet Sadie's will sell "desserts," not "deserts."

Dave Aberdeen said...

Thanks for the article. There has been a disparaging lack of LoveSacs at the Village for some time now.

Anonymous said...

I hope to get the cupcakes and enjoy licking the icing off of my fingers while lounging on my new lovesac furniture.

Anonymous said...

I want to nestle in a big Purple Love Sac and steep my Tea Bags all whilst licking icing off of some fancy cupcakes.

Anonymous said...

With LoveSacs that expensive I don't think I'd want to use them for Tea baggin.