Monday, November 17, 2014

Move Loot opening in Charlotte

Move Loot, an online consignment store selling secondhand furniture and home goods, is expanding its service to Charlotte and surrounding areas, the company said Monday.

This is the company's third market, along with San Francisco and Raleigh/Durham. CEO and co-founder Bill Bobbitt is a Raleigh native. Move Loot promises shoppers a "curated" online selection of used furniture and goods, documented with high-quality photographs and delivered to your door.

Here's how the company describes its process: 

  • Sellers photograph furniture, and upload the photos and descriptions to Move Loot (via the mobile app or a laptop/desktop).
  • Move Loot collects the furniture, photographs it professionally, posts it online for sale, and stores it until it sells.
  • Buyers choose what they want via the mobile app or computer, pay online and schedule quick delivery to their doorstep via Move Loot movers.
  • Following the traditional consignment model, sellers get a portion of the selling price, but Move Loot handles all of the hassle.
  • In keeping with Move Loot’s environmental values, items that don’t sell are eventually donated to local charities.
  • It combines the best features of traditional consignment shops with what has worked best for digital peer-to-peer marketplace offerings.
Move Loot plans to have a 20-person team in Charlotte by mid-2015, including warehouse and delivery workers. The company has raised $2.8 million worth of funding, and plans further expansion.

"We are thrilled to bring Move Loot’s service to Charlotte where we know people are looking for a better option for buying and selling quality, secondhand goods," said Bobbitt, in a statement.


george said...

Consigning "Other Peoples' Stuff" is a great idea. Beats backing up a recycle bin. It's consigned in my place awaiting a buyer? Have they got too many middle men hired?