Thursday, October 2, 2014

Beer tasting & growler shop to open in South End

Craft Tasting Room & Growler Shop is set to open Oct. 23 in South End, offering another craft beer option in Charlotte's rapidly-growing craft beer scene.

The 3,000 square-foot shop, located at 1320 S. Church Street, will also have a 1,000 square-foot beer garden. It's located next door to the Unknown Brewing Co., one of Charlotte's newer breweries. The store will serve "elevated yet simple bar bites."

The store will have 36 taps, half dedicated to local breweries and half to regional beers or special releases.

“I want to give Charlotteans a way to enjoy the taste and freshness of craft beer and special releases in a bar, as well as at home: growlers are the only way to do so at home,” said Dan Davis, the shop's owner, in a statement. “I was introduced to Growlers about five years ago, and I’ve seen the momentum build in the U.S. I’ve had this idea in my head for two years and I’m excited that I am finally able to bring it to fruition.”

Here's the store's description of itself: "The shop will sell growlers in two sizes: 64 oz. and 32 oz. Patrons may buy a growler and refill it as many times as they want. Unlike some shops, Craft Growler Shop patrons may exchange any size empty for any size full at no extra cost. 

Local is important to freshness, and the sense of community (Dan) wants to build. He will partner with local breweries, cheese makers, and farmers to pull together their labors of love and infuse it in the shop.

The shop is created to practically be an adult candy store for beer lovers, foodies and party hosts. Patrons can add an eclectic touch to his/her cocktail hour, party, picnic or gift by simply choosing an item from the shop. It’s not an average grocery store."


Kevin said...

That's unique. LOL. Craft anything is like McDonalds. Anyone can own one with enough money and call it "craft." Good luck to these guys, but this trend is fading.

Bill said...

The snark is strong in Kevin. Would love to see your factual data to prove your claim that the "trend is fading". Everything I've been able to find is that craft beer sales are growing at a 10+% year-on-year rate. In 2013, craft beers accounted for $791 million in revenue in North Carolina.

Unknown said...

Not sure how craft beer is a trend that's fading. It's in fact the complete opposite (Bill points that out). Look around Charlotte for example, to see all the craft breweries opening and expanding (OMB, NoDa, Birdsong, Triple C). Most people I know would rather spent an extra $1 or 2 for a pint of fresh local goodness than some garbage brewed in St. Louis and is $14 a case at Food Lion. But enjoy that if you wish, just more craft beer for the rest of us.

Garth Vader said...
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Garth Vader said...

Beer in the US historically was a locally-produced item, understandable since unlike wine or spirits it is best when freshest.

There were over 4000 breweries in the US in the 1870s, when the population was a fraction of what it was today. So it's obvious that the market can support the current brewing boom.

As Unknown mentioned, the CLT scene continues to grow - not only the expansions at the more mature companies like OMB and NoDa but new breweries like Sugar Creek (Belgian focus, located in the old OMB building) and Lenny Boy.

Charlie said...

There is already a beer growler store in South End! Check out The Beer Growler! 1427 South Blvd. I think they have 40 something local and regional beers on tap! Great place. They also let you exchange different size growlers at no charge!

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