Monday, January 13, 2014

Rack Room Shoes closing at Park Road Shopping Center

The Rack Room Shoes located in Park Road Shopping Center is closing, adding to the list of merchants closing their doors at Charlotte's original suburban retail center.

The shoe store's last day of business is set for Saturday, an employee said. Everything is 50 percent off for the location's closing sale.

There are a half-dozen other Rack Room locations in Charlotte. The Park Road one is the closest to uptown and the city's central neighborhoods.

Park Road Shopping Center was bought by EDENS more than two years ago for $82 million. Since then, the new owners have given the 58-year-old shopping center a face lift, with new finishes, a redone parking lot and other renovations.

But smaller merchants have also complained about rising rents under the new owners, as my colleague Eric Frazier wrote about in September. Since then, other businesses including Roland's Salon and Piedmont Music Center, have closed at Park Road.

What do you think of the changes at Park Road Shopping Center, both to the way the center looks and to the merchant mix?


Unknown said...

Edens did the same thing in Columbia with trenholm square. Why is anyone surprised?

Unknown said...

I shop there all the time. I think the shopping center looks very nice, but I HATE to see long time tenants leave and new "chain" type tenants take their place. PRSC has a very unique blend of tenants and I want it to stay that way.

Unknown said...

It's a great shopping center. I like the enhancements. As for the rent, it's up to the new landlord. Chances are god there's someone ready to move into the vacated space once Rack Room leaves. As long as McCranies is there, we'll be okay.

Unknown said...

Edens does not know how to re-design a shopping center. First they ripped out almost all the central walkways between the parking spaces for plants. Now, everyone is forced to walk in traffic as they walk to and from stores. The worst thing are those small planters they made about every 30 feet along the curb of the shopping center. Cars drive right over them and they are nothing but mudpits with dead plants. Edens does not know the basics of effectively designing a shopping center and it's obvious here.

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