Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Ruddick Corp. changes name to Harris Teeter Supermarkets, Inc.

Charlotte-based Ruddick Corp., the parent company of Harris Teeter, has officially changed its name to Harris Teeter Supermarkets, Inc.

The new name “better describes the company’s current operating activitivites and long-term strategic focus,” the company said in a statement. Ruddick recently sold its other subsidiary, thread company American & Efird, to a private equity firm.

The company also announced it will relocate from its offices at 301 S. Tryon Street to Harris Teeter’s offices at 701 Crestdale Road, in Matthews. The stock symbol will change from “RDK” to “HSTI.”

And Ruddick is rearranging its executive team. Thomas Dickson, president, chairman and CEO of Ruddick, will be chairman and CEO of Harris Teeter Supermarkets. Frederick Morganthall, II, president of Harris Teeter, will be president and chief operating officer of Harris Teeter Supermarkets, and John Woodlief will be executive vice president and chief financial officer. Rodney Antolock will also be executive vice president. The changes take effect April 2.

Here's a link to their announcement, and a previous post about the name change.


Anonymous said...

Do you have contact info for the CEO of Harris Teeter? Email address would be sufficient. Thanks!