Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Bi-Lo celebrating its 50th anniversary

Mauldin, S.C.-based Bi-Lo is turning 50, and a four-state tour celebrating the occasion will stop Wednesday at a store in Charlotte.

The tour, in a vintage Airstream trailer, will be at the 8120 South Tryon street store (at the intersection with West Arrowood Road) from noon to 2 p.m.

The tour stop will include prize giveaways to customers, including t-shirts and Bi-Lo brand products. Ten shoppers will receive $250 worth of groceries and ten will win $70 worth of gas. A six-pack of glass bottles of Coca-Cola will be priced at 99 cents, the same as they cost in 1961.

Bi-Lo operates 207 grocery stores in the Carolinas, Georgia and Tennessee.


Anonymous said...

50th anniversary of what? Lousy service and dirty stores?

Anonymous said...

Bi-Lo. The name fits!

Anonymous said...

They are going to be stuck Selling-Lo (low) or simply close up shop. They charge way too much for their beef and steaks...for being Bi-Lo.