Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Indian Land Aldi opening soon

No-frills grocer Aldi, which has been rolling out additional locations across the region, is planning a grand opening for its new location in Indian Land, S.C. next week, starting at 9 a.m. on Aug. 12. The roughly 16,000-square-foot store will stock about 1,400 products, 95 percent of which are private label, and does not accept credit cards. Cash, debit and EBT are accepted. 

The store is at 9553 Charlotte Highway (U.S. 521), south of Ballantyne and near the intersection with S.C. 160. 


Anonymous said...

Nice to see an Aldi not far from my house, but I get betetr deals at other grocery stores cheaper with coupons. However, Aldi's special buys, including electronics, are usually good and of high quality.

Anonymous said...

Most of Aldi's products are literally the exact same products of name brands. For example... the bread is Sara Lee, the cola is Coca-Cola, etc. You can't beat the great deals. I've gone before and bought a cart full of groceries for $40 what would have cost me at least $90 at Wal-mart. Now take in mind not everything is the same, but for your basic staple items it is where you should shop.

Anonymous said...

I love Aldi's!!! It is the main grocery store all throughout Europe and their no frills pricing is great! Everything is always fresh. What many Americans dont realize is that the same company owns Trader Joes. Awesome!!

Anonymous said...

But I get $90 worth of Walmart groceries at HT and Bi-Lo for $10-20. www.couponmama.org

And if Aldi's bread is Sara Lee, it's their rejects, because their bread goes bad in 1 day.