Monday, December 7, 2009

Welcome Charlotte shoppers!

Hi -- and welcome to the newfangled blog we're kicking off with the hope of lighting a path through the holiday shopping season with news, information and random tidbits that fall under the general umbrella of "people trying to sell you stuff."

As the Observer’s retail business reporter, I'll do my best to be your guide. I confess I approached the duty with some trepidation: Although I’ve always liked shopping and, as you can imagine, writing, I make no claim to being an all-knowing wizard on the subject. Nor am I what you’d call an obsessive shopper – in part because I’m trying to make ends meet on a budget and need to be mindful. But in this economy, especially, I know I’m hardly alone in that. Like you, I’m committed to being an educated, savvy consumer and getting the best value for my money in the face of plenty of temptation. I’m a lifelong coupon fan. And if I can track down some seriously cool merchandise while I’m at it, well, all the better.

Of course, this is a two-way street, and I’d very much like to hear your thoughts about stores, shopping and marketing. So don’t hesitate to comment, or e-mail me directly. Without further ado, jump in our digital sleigh and let’s hit the trail – or should I say mall? – together. I’m looking forward to conversing more here in the coming days and weeks.

Note: It’s true, I’ve blogged for the Observer before, albeit on a completely unrelated subject that is also an Important Cultural Force.